• Fixed bug related to saving orders with new customer-facing-memo fields


  • Fixed login-required link for non-admin users
  • Added customizable static content to be added to all email footers
  • Renamed “Referrer” to “API User” on order-detail view and changed “API Key” to “API User” on order list page
  • Added option to ignore ‘acceptable’ condition books
  • Added “if” input on pricing rules for Custom Price Value
  • Added ability for admin users to add additional books to an order
  • Added ability for admin users to add a custom note to the customer in each line item in an order
  • Payment-sent emails now contain information on where payment was sent


  • Fixed credentials issue with Stamps.com on production servers
  • Added security bypass to allow admin users the ability to print user shipping labels
  • Fixed manual include to debugger tool within Stamp.com communication sub-system
  • Added code and procedures to allow users to switch to an authorized PayPal account after submitting an order with a check-based payment option
  • Added setting to allow a Star icon to appear next to items that are using custom prices in administration order-edit view


  • Added code that automatically removed $0 books from the cart when checking out
  • Text of legal checkboxes when checking out modified
  • Fixed bug when admin user edits order item price / quantity
  • Added customer-visible memo (editable by staff)


  • Fixed a bug in the database update mechanism when running from non-root directories


  • Clarified Lowest Used Price to be¬†Lowest Used Price (listing price)
  • Clarified Average 3 Lowest New Prices to be Average 3 Lowest New Prices (listing prices)
  • Added pricing rule if/then statement for:
    • Lowest Used Price (landed price)
    • Lowest New Price (listing price)
    • Lowest New Price (landed price)
  • Disabled UPS settings interface for now until a smoother UPS shipping flow can be integrated