PayPal Integration Instructions

KobiBooks integrates with PayPal for two major features: Payouts and Log In With PayPal.

Payouts feature lets you send payments to customers for their books, as many customers prefer to receive payment via PayPal instead of waiting for a check.  This is also an inexpensive option for you since PayPal only charges $0.25 per payout (as of the time of this article).

Log In With PayPal helps smooth out the user registration and login process, and it gives you the physical address of the user, which is helpful when being compliant with counterfeit book issues.

To use PayPal’s Payouts and Log In With PayPal features, you’ll need to set up an “App” inside of the PayPal developer area and then copy/paste a couple bits into KobiBooks.  To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to and log in (upper right corner says “Log into Dashboard”)
  2. Make sure the account you’re logging in with is the account you want to be using to pay your customers with.
  3. Scroll down a bit on the dashboard page and in the REST API apps click “Create App”
  4. Enter KobiBooks as the App Name and click “Create App”
  5. Click on “Live” tab in the upper right
  6. Scroll down to “LIVE APP SETTINGS”
  7. In the “Live Return URL”, click “show” and enter the Oauth Return URL for your site.  It will be formatted in this way: https://[your_kobibooks_installation_sitename]/lipp/paypal_oauth_return.php (an example might look like this:
  8. Enable “Payouts” and “Log In with PayPal”, then disable the other selected options.
  9. In “Log In with PayPal” option, click on ‘Advanced Options’
  10. Check the checkbox for “Address Information”
  11. Enter your “Privacy policy URL” and “User agreement URL” values
  12. Uncheck the checkbox for “Enable customers who have not yet confirmed their email address with PayPal to log in to your app”
  13. Save the form
  14. Scroll to the top of the page and copy the Client ID and Secret (you’ll need to click the ‘show’ link) into the “PayPal Client ID” and “PayPal Secret” fields in KobiBooks settings page